The company was launched in February 2018 by Emily Salsbury-Deveaux after a 20-year long career as a Retail & Real Estate Consultant where she had the opportunity to work with emerging brands, shopping centres, universities, and multi-national retailers. 

In 2017, she had been working as the Executive Director of the School of Retailing for 4 years. The program was really unique as it was part of the business school at the U of A but funded by industry retailers. This is where she met Rebecca. Emily started alongside the Director, a consulting program for Bachelor of Commerce students. 

Rebecca applied to be a Junior Consultant and quickly grew from this position to Senior Consultant, then on to Managing Director. Once she graduated, Emily asked her to stay as the Marketing Director for the School of Retailing. 

In August 2017, Emily wanted to travel to see if she could find suppliers to make the perfect double layered bodycon dress. She found and sampled the product with multiple manufacturers. It was a very exciting time, and in October of 2017, she received her first samples.

Emily knew there was no going back, the product was so good, she was going to have to leave her position at the university to pursue her own brand. 

There is nothing more rewarding than becoming a retailer to Emily. She had advised some of the largest retailers in the market and now it was time to prove that she knew what she was doing.

She gave the university 6 months' notice and as a result, they wouldn't renew Rebecca's contract. Emily asked Rebecca if she would be interested in coming to work for a startup. It wasn't at all what she had pictured for herself or her life but she reluctantly agreed to go try it for a year. 

The first year of business happened very quickly, the brand launched at West Edmonton Mall for three months, then stepped away to focus on e-commerce, then opened a two-month pop-up at Edmonton City Centre and then boom opened head-office in November only 10 months after starting. The brand now has over 6,000 sq/ft in Edmonton, Alberta. This is where the brand houses the showroom, the fulfillment centre, the studio, and of course their offices.

The second-year was no different, the team of two started the year in Vancouver with a pop-up followed by a Toronto pop-up, then a 2000 sq/ft 2-month store in Calgary Market Mall. The year ended with the most successful one-day event the brand has ever experienced...EMMYDEVEAUX DAY.

The brand is unique in the way that it is funded internally by the customers. Emily prides herself on being a fit-focused, fabric first designer. She understands the business side of retail and uses a combination of probability planning, statistics, and analytics to understand the business in a really smart way.

She wants the business to be sustainable but because the business is smart, not because it is a marketing tactic. 

She uses an internal platform called FUNDIT. This allows her to be a customer-centric designer. She understands that although she is the designer, this doesn't mean that customers want everything SHE likes. Therefore, she designs products that are high quality, great fit, and then relies on customers to decide what gets produced through the internal crowdfunding platform. 

This means the brand has little to no inventory waste. Her method of design and strategy has also resulted in less than 2% returns. 

EMMYDEVEAUX is a brand based on values. The values of our Founder Emily. She is passionate about exceeding expectations and making every customer either in-store or online feel that they are part of the community...because they are.

She genuinely cares for the individual self and constantly encourages people to know thyself. 

Emily is an introvert who rarely attends events or social gatherings. You will find her often behind her computer crunching numbers or after hours working with her manufacturers. 

She is driven by constant learning no matter what the subject is.