I wanted to write this myself. I hate when Founder stories are written by other people. My name is Emily Salsbury, I got married to Karl Deveaux, became Emily Salsbury-Deveaux and eventually, the brand EMMYDEVEAUX was born in 2018.

You can call me Emily, hi ;)

Where do I start!

I don't want to explain my whole story, there is already enough information about me on the

I want to talk about why EMMYDEVEAUX was created and why it is really f*cking important that we talk about it.

My background is all strategy, specifically in retail & real estate. When I was 16 I started consulting (I barely graduated high school) and my business took off. I was working with small retailers, then big ones, then shopping centres, and ultimately ended my consulting career at the University of Alberta.

I have always been a good consultant. It is how my brain was built and it just knows how to do it and do it well. 

I get a lot of people who ask me how to become a good consultant. I cannot tell you, I don't know.

When I was 29, I started working with the University of Alberta as a consultant and became the Executive Director of the School of Retailing. It was a centre in the business school that focused on research in retail & real estate. It was the greatest opportunity I had ever been given and I spent 5 years working incredibly hard there. 

Any good consultant knows when an industry or market is down there is an opportunity. I also was unhappy with the quality and service of the retailers on the market. So I decided I was going to take the first steps to start this brand.

Let's be clear, yes I have consulted with many clients but NEVER did I learn how to design clothing, build a vertical supply-chain, build a brand from scratch, or build an entire e-commerce business.

The desire to figure things out is what drives me. I am confident that if other people can figure out how to do something so can I.

Knowing that you can learn almost anything is incredibly powerful. 

I am determined to be a leader of industry in various areas. Leadership, business design, product quality, service, loyalty, innovation, etc. I am proud to say I have never compromised on any decisions we have made when it comes to the initial strategy of the brand.

We have introduced our FUNDIT program and BUYBACK which has never been done before by a retailer. Both commitments to disrupting the traditional retail model and to create a more sustainable, circular brand.

I am not motivated by money, I never have been. I don't have great materialistic ambitions that I haven't already achieved. I am driven by exceeding expectations and introducing new ideas and concepts to an industry that lacks real innovation.

I care about the customer experience. I care about making sure you feel you are a part of this community because you are. Not because a PR company told us to use the word community and write some gibberish about it. 

We are a collective of intelligent consumers who don't want to buy things anymore that don't make sense. 

I am excited that you are here with us. When you make a purchase I promise you there is a team on this side that actually cares. Your happiness is ACTUALLY our primary concern.

This is what I want from a company:

High-Quality Clothing
Exceptional Service
Fast Communication
Free Shipping & Returns
Sense of Humour 
Rewards for Loyalty
Consistency with Sizing
Personalized Service

So we just created exactly what I wanted in a brand and I hope that you will tell me personally if we haven't knocked your socks off in all these areas!