I was a style coach for 4 years from 2007-2011 where I dressed over 800 women. I was never formally trained and the whole thing was somewhat of an accident. I fell in love with the complexity of each body and the goal of making women feel fantastic.

I am a very fit-focused designer. You won't see any off the shoulder coats or sweaters here. I am confident that the right fabric and fit can make you feel as comfortable as you would be in your sweats. 

This is my design philosophy and how my brain sees design. I hope that it makes sense and helps you get dressed.

The female body comes in all shapes and sizes, I believe that the rules apply equally to all body types but then you need to use shape to trick the eye.

When I see a female body, this is what my brain sees:

These are the lines I use when I see a body. Don't you dare say "Oh this is a skinny drawing this doesn't apply to me" YES IT DOES.

These are the ultimate rules we are trying to achieve. I could get into this for hours!

There are common features we have as women that we should focus on.

They are listed in the level of importance.


Your shoulders define your frame, if you are wearing oversized clothing you will look larger.


The goal is always to create the illusion that your shoulders and hips are the same width. **We are rarely the same.


It is extremely important to make sure you are featuring your waistline or creating the illusion of one.


Make sure those ladies are in and up! 


This is, in my opinion, the sexiest part of a woman. 


Should end at the waistline or at the wrist not in between.


I believe that there are two flattering lengths for bottoms and it always depends on the quality of your legs. I, for example, have lots of cellulite on my legs so I prefer not to show them.

Thank you for reading!

Emily Salsbury-Deveaux

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