As I sit here writing this…I am listening to Celine Dion trying to figure out just how many EMMY phrases can possibly make sense for you!






Who knew you could make so many. Hopefully we don’t confuse you.

So what is this new EMMYEXPERIMENT section?

As your fearless designer, I often want to try new things but there is always a balance between what we know and what I want.

I am tired of compromising as a designer and I know the power of this community. Often the products I want, you also want!

EMMYEXPERIMENT started because I wanted to add a nude colour to our basics collection. Unfortunately, our fabric is not made in the colour that I want.

Custom making fabric colours is a very expensive endeavor so before we make any decisions we thought it might be fun to play around.

There are many times in this business that I want to be able to make something but unfortunately we either can’t invest the time or the money.

I hope EMMYEXPERIMENT can be a place where we share ideas and get your feedback.

Thanks for always supporting my ideas and trusting us!

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