Posted on November 28 2018


Our Founder Emily Salsbury-Deveaux has a passion for fashion/style but also cares deeply about her impact on the planet. 

On a global scale, over 28 billion pounds of textiles and clothing are found in landfills. In North America alone, 9.5 million tonnes of clothing are sent to the landfill. This is a result of the clothing industry moving toward fast-fashion, with retailers having to keep up with 6-9 different collections each year. Within these seasonal collections, the pieces that don't sell will be sold to a third party and eventually end up in a landfill or even worse burned.

We are committed to being a NO INVENTORY WASTE company. 


This commitment starts in our design process. We focus on creating products that don't follow any particular trend. Our brand focuses on three fabrics

Modal, Ponte Roma, Chiffon

This allows us to be efficient with the manufacturers and fabric suppliers that we work with and prevents waste at the sourcing level. 

We sample all of our designs, work carefully on ensuring they meet our high standards and then test our customer base to see the potential demand.

We have arrangements with each one of our manufacturers to order lower minimums for our products but since we use the same fabrics this allows them to still benefit from the relationship as they just cut multiple patterns into one run of fabric.


We do not put our items on sale. This can not only create a negative relationship for our customers who have bought the items at regular price but it also means that we have made a poor decision with what products we have decided to stock if we aren't selling them out. We have a certain breakeven point on orders that we stock and then leftover inventory is kept until we replenish the same style again. 

The largest challenge for us is that many retailers will clear out old merchandise in an effort to free up cash flow for new inventory. We are instead carefully considering what we make and our main group of customers. 


We have an inventory buyback policy that applies to our wholesale clients. They are not allowed to put our products on sale therefore if they are left with inventory and need to recover some costs, we have implemented a buyback program for them. 


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