Posted on January 08 2019


Creating the vision for the brand in my head was the easy part. I knew all along what was in there. Bringing it to life? That was the really challenging part.

I wanted to create our own "look" that was defined by a particular lifestyle.
I wanted the brand to be values-driven. 
I wanted to attract a certain consumer.

When I look back at what we have created. It really does reflect my lifestyle, my values and the type of consumer I am.

It was imperative that I created pieces that aligned with these goals. I have always wanted to feature pieces that would be timeless but have a particular edge. I find that when we promote inclusivity and self-love that somehow we lose our ability to be edgy and bold. 

If you meet me, you will learn that I am not only plus-size, I am bold, edgy, opinionated, and very silly. These are traits of our brand not just our founder.

When creating the "look" for our isn't one where we can pick models from an agency, slap some makeup on and make our products look good. 

Our brand is an essence, an attitude. We do not photoshop our models, we do not do their makeup. We don't care about their size or height. We believe if we pick the right people to represent our brand it will come through in our photos. Not to mention, our girls are all such incredible people that align with our vision. We have a great time together. 

Our photography is our signature and can only be created by our incredible photographer Tasy. This has been a constant investment in the brand that we will not change. She is part of our brand. 

Our video team Jacqui and Raj helped us launch one of our innovative products this year. Our 5-Way Jacket which is changing the game. This incredible duo brings my vision to life every time.

We pride ourselves that our products are exactly as pictured. No video tricks or photo tricks. Our customers love that.

We had to build a brand that would be difficult to duplicate but also very recognizable. We feel with our logos, name, photos, videos, and models....we are unstoppable. 



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