I want to preface this article by saying that this is just my experience and I hope some of the things I have learned might help you.

Let’s talk about who I was two years ago compared to today.

Starting this business and getting it to where it is, has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I have gone through burnout, dehydration, weight gain, and probably depression. 

Two and a half years ago when we moved into our HQ it was basically Dominos, Monster energy drinks, wine, lots of wine. I love wine… I want wine.

Last year, our eating improved, a lot of Freshii, coffee, but even more wine. We used to sit at the kitchen table in our HQ, drink wine and one of us would cry (Pandemic life).

I wouldn’t trade any of it. We are where we are because of all of the hard moments and there have been even more magical ones.

This year was very different for me. Way less wine, all food prep, and some other changes.

I eliminated coffee from my day. I never used to be a coffee drinker and only developed the habit when I was working at the university and everything seemed to be a coffee meeting.

I also started micro-dosing weed. I have never been a fan of marijuana and bought some edibles to help me sleep. One day I was so tired, I said screw it and took one at work.

I take a brand called Ace Valley, 1.25mg 4x a day. You can get it at Spiritleaf. It makes me feel like my old self again.

I have always known that I am quite introverted and not super social, but at a young age I learned how to become an extroverted, go-getter. Although it has led me to have a very successful career, I just couldn’t deny the social debt I had caused to myself.

I spend all day in a state of adrenaline, it doesn’t mean I am not enjoying myself it just means it is very unnatural for me.

I then started to learn about something called adrenal fatigue and it changed my life. I couldn’t figure out why my body wouldn’t lose weight and I know now it is because it was in a constant state of panic.

To the point where I was having panic attacks before leaving the house and I couldn’t figure out why.

Since I have been micro-dosing, I have lost 15lbs and it has given me an overall “chill” attitude. I don’t take it when I am alone because I very much need that time to be productive. I have a big job that takes a lot of time.

I absolutely love what I do, however, to say it is taxing is an understatement. It has been a journey to figure out what works for me, and it will never end because we continue to change.

If you take anything away from this, it is to lean into who you are and what you need as an individual. You have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

Stay well.

Founder & Designer

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Emily! This was a fantastic post and something I weirdly related to. Most people think I’m a massive costs a lot though. I say it takes a lot of energy to be “me”. I like to smoke weed once in a while but have shied from edibles. I think I am going to try these though on your advice / review and eat them in my new fucking lounge set MY GOD you made a lounge set! I am going to pick this set up no matter what and drop off all my jackets that need the sleeves hemmed lol. I need to lose 15 to fit into them all after this asshole pandemic non-life/only work I have been living. I adore you and I’m glad I stopped by the “shop” and read this tonight xoxo
— Stephanie        May 05, 2021
I sure hope to see you soon, we miss you for sure and to be honest I always felt that and kind of thought you may be secretly introverted! We have an article coming out about Adrenal Fatigue which is what I was going through. It is quite fascinating! Try them but only take 1/4 of one of them every 4 hours, you will just be calm! Love you, miss you bring those in whenever you have time! - Emily


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