Our EMMYEXCLUSIVE customer reward program allows you to earn points from your purchases. You earn 5 points for every dollar that you spend (basically spend $100 and get $10 off your next purchase). EMMYEXCLUSIVE points can be used in-store and online, do not expire and add up fast!


500 points = $10 off your next purchase
1000 points = $20 off your next purchase
2500 points = $50 off your next purchase
5000 points = $100 off your next purchase

*Please note you cannot add reward levels together. For example, if you have 1500 points you cannot use both the $10 and the $20 off, only one code can be redeemed at checkout. 


Join by creating an account on emmydeveaux.shop. If you already have an account, you are already signed up for the reward program.


To redeem points you need to be logged into your account on emmydeveaux.shop. Click the black button in the bottom right hand corner and log in to see the reward levels you can redeem. Select the reward level that you would like to redeem by clicking on it. A code should be generated, copy and paste this code at checkout to redeem your points!

*If you select your reward level and do not use the code it still will reduce your points. But don’t worry that code is still valid until you use it on an order. If you lose track of your code contact us at support@emmydeveaux.com.