Thank you very much for your interested in having our Founder Emily speak at your event. 

Please note the following criteria:

Emily has spoken over 100 times on the topic of Retail & Real Estate and has been interviewed over 300 times in the media on the subject. She is an experienced speaker with a proven track record for engaging audiences and for her high level of expertise in the industry.

She is available for limited speaking engagements and asks that the topics be focused on the following:

1. Shipping & Logistics
2. Strategic Planning 
3. Customer Service & Customer Journey
4. Expansion
5. Industry Trends
6. Sustainability (only if she is able to present our entire 360 entire strategy, no panel discussions)
7. Technology Gaps for Retailers

Topics she is not available to speak on are

1. Events that Segregate Genders (i.e. only for women)
2. Entrepreneurship 

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